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Frequently Asked Questions


Why work with Laura?

Laura is a patient and intuitive listener who is passionate about helping you create your best life!  She is practical and values reality over theory.  She will provide you a safe, judgment-free space.

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Does Laura work with men?


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What is fulfillment coaching?


Fulfillment coaching is a powerful and co-creative process between you and your coach with the aim of enhancing your overall sense of fulfillment.  You can explore your strengths and identify what gets in your way.   You can define your own outcomes and solutions.  Laura is fully committed to your success, yet objective so she can help you see things you might not see on  your own.

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Who can benefit from fulfillment coaching?


Anyone who is seeking to grow or make change in their life can benefit from fulfillment coaching.  This list is not fully inclusive, but here are some signals you may benefit from fulfillment coaching:  you feel like there is something missing; you want to do something but haven’t figured out how to do it; you struggle with decisions; you have enduring conflict in a relationship.

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How is fulfillment coaching delivered?


Fulfillment coaching is delivered via 45 minute phone sessions on the cadence that suits you (see packages).  For each session, you decide the topic that is most relevant and your desired outcomes.  Topics can be different each session or follow a common thread over time depending what serves you best.

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What is the Love Your Life program?


Laura’s Love Your Life Program is a blend of teaching and coaching that walks participants through four pillars:  prioritize (deciding what stays on your list and what doesn’t), organize (creating a system to stay on top of your priorities), cultivate (learning and practicing mindset tools), and soar (launching your new interests).  

Coaching is a ‘co-creative’ process through which Laura uses honed communication skills to support you as a detached thinking partner.  Working together, you come up with the best solutions for you.


The teaching consists of Laura sharing her expertise and experience in organization, project management, goal setting and tracking, and mindset techniques.  You can pick and choose tools and strategies that are most supportive of your style.

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Who can benefit from Love Your Life program?


Anyone feeling like there is “just not enough time” can benefit from the Love Your Life Program!  In particular, if there is something you want to do but haven’t been able to figure out how to fit it in or where to get started, this program may be just what you need!

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How is the Love Your Life group program delivered?


In the Love Your Life Group Program, small groups of 3-8 participants meet weekly by Zoom for 8 weeks.  Sessions include some teaching of principles and tools followed by ample time for the participants to engage in coaching discussions.  The coaching discussions allow participants to work through challenges and struggles in real time.  Participants benefit from their own coaching experiences as well as from hearing others’.

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How is the Love Your Life individual program delivered?


The Love Your Life Individual Program is delivered via 45 minute phone sessions for 9 sessions over 3 months (3 sessions per month).  You will be gently guided through the four pillars of the Program yet for each session, you decide the topic that is most relevant and your desired outcomes. 

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How can I determine if coaching is right for me?


Laura offers complimentary 15 minute discovery calls to discuss your current situation and your desired state.  This will help determine if you and Laura are a good fit!

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